If you respect others and are able to remember to respect others, you will find The Academy an easy community to be part of. In any case, just to make sure there is not confusion there are rules we enforce and it's up to you to ensure you uphold them.

#Bannable Offenses

1. No one under 18 is allowed. Never engage in Under Age Joking/Play.

This server is 18-. No underage joking or play will not be tolerated. This is your only warning; you will be banned and no questions asked if you are found to be claiming you are underage.

2. No Obscene Content Posted onto our Server

If it's even close, don't think about it. We will not jeopardize the server for someone 's bad judgement.

3. NO Unsolicited DMs, Advertising or Friend Requests. Do not PM anyone without obtaining permission in a public channel first - our channel for this is #requests

If you cannot reach someone of get their approval first, then don't do it. This is a well known -- NO NO and no excuses.

4. Treat everyone with respect. Treat them how they want to be treated, not how you want to be treated. If you don't know; ask.

The age old false saying, "treat everyone how you would like to be treated is not how we roll. People want to be treated how they want; respect that and the same is afforded to you.

5. No Sexualization of minors.

Anything regarding minors on the server other than asking one to leave or reporting them is in the No fly zone. Don't do it; it won't be tolerated

6. No uploading sexually explicit content of someone else without their consent.

If you have.a photo of someone else that's likely they would not want posted in in the public domain, don't post it. If you have their approval, make sure when called on you have it at the ready.

7. No sharing of OR glorification of animal cruelty

We love our pets and animals. If you were raised differently, keep it to yourself. We're sorry about that trauma - but it's not shared or welcome.

8. No Organizations

If you are on the server in any capacity other than a contributing member, and are part of an organization or acting under the employ of an organization, you are asked to leave and are not allowed to use this server.

9. No Posting of Porn Disallowed per Discord Rule

Porn considered to be of any of the following, Gore, Guro, Vore, Zoophilia, Beastiality, Necrophilia, Scat, Child Pornography, Loli, Shota, and Pettanko will result in an immediate ban. Know what you are posting

10. No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a staff member. This includes DM'ing fellow members.

Any posting to membership or community type sites is not tolerated. If in doubt, talk to an Admin.

Take Note

If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. Let the party know that you are taking issue with u unknowingly have caused issues with your station. We want this server to be a welcoming space!

DM Advertising

This is a reminder, as you will be booted, this is taken seriously. Any kind of DM advertising recruiting for your outside servers or sites is considered immediate perma-ban. This is a big no no. This is any advertising via private messages to any members of this server trying to promote any other server that is not The Academy. These can be yours or someone else's server; do not push or promote outside servers in our house.

Selling Content

The unauthorized or unapproved selling content or services on the server is strictly not allowed. Selling self-content (ie. pictures, videos, snapchat, etc) without staff approval is forbidden.

The Academy is pro content provider and would love to work with you. We gladly support models and content providers who meet our requirements and follow our rules for selling content. See an Admin for more details.

Note: YOU MUST get prior approval from Admins. If you are not approved and caught selling you will be banned